Welcome to the Center for Social Justice and City Mission!

The Salvation Army Central Territory, in striving to achieve its Christ-centered purpose and to be relevant in the future as a mission movement, has identified five Mission Imperatives including City Mission. This imperative provides the Center for Social Justice and City Mission with a framework on how we will strive towards a more just and equitable ministry:  incarnational engagement, gospel impact, impassioned service, mission integration, continuous innovation and strategic investment.

Under this mandate, we have been tasked with establishing a hub for research, education, evaluation, vision casting, advocacy and activism. We commit to being more intimately woven into the fabric of our cities and responsive to their needs both practically and spiritually. We will strive to surrender our attitudes of self-preservation and survivalism in order to better serve our communities and our congregations.

Join us as we seek to educate, equip and engage on this journey towards social justice and city mission.