The Center

Building Updates

In March 2019, a property was purchased in the Lakeview East Community in Chicago, Illinois. Originally, the plan was to renovate the building to meet the needs of the Center for Social Justice and Urban Mission. However, after much discussion with various stakeholders, it was determined that the building would not be able to structurally support required updates to ensure the building is accessible to all persons.

This decision is bittersweet, as we recognize that the building has served the community for more than a century, but are also excited about the future of the Center. We look forward to having a center that will provide space to better educate, equip and engage The Salvation Army Central Territory, and also will give us the opportunity to be good neighbors in the community to which God is calling us.

We will keep you updated on this exciting process. In the meantime, here’s the property as it currently stands:

Land Acknowledgement

The Salvation Army Center for Social Justice and Urban Mission acknowledges this land is the traditional territory and homeland of many Indigenous Nations. As the original caretakers, Indigenous peoples welcomed newcomers with hospitality and generosity seeking to walk well with one another. Today, Indigenous Nations  continue to reside across this land. We seek to honor the past, present, and future contributions Indigenous peoples make in strengthening communities across the Midwest.

We are all people residing on traditional unceded or treatied territories. Many of us have come here as settlers, immigrants, newcomers in this generation or generations past. We are mindful of broken covenants and we strive to make this right, with the land and with each other.

We would also like to acknowledge those of us who came here involuntarily, particularly as a result of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade. And so, we honor and pay tribute to the ancestors of African Origin and Decent.

May we learn to walk gently with one another.