Racial Justice

We believe that God created all humankind in His image.

Our origins are the same, yet we have created the construct of race by which we categorize that same humankind. And we have taken that to tragic levels; racism is pervasive – through individual actions and more structured systems.

We start on our knees, crying out to God:

“Creator God, why is it easier to be exclusive than inclusive? Why do we defend our disruptive behavior through the screen of our good intentions while we judge the behavior of others by their unruly actions? Why is it easier to condemn ethnic violence in countries far away from our national borders than it is to confess the social atrocities inside our own nation? Lord, we are less than we can be, more self-absorbed than we are meant to be, more ethnocentric than is good for our shared world. We need your spirit to intervene. Amen.”

(MacMillan, Posterski, Read When Justice is the Measure)

And now we rise. We seek to listen, learn, lament and lead. We commit: We can do better. We will do better. We pray you join us in this hard, but vital work.